Sunday, April 29, 2012

002. UAWOW.

Yesterday, I attended a march at Senator Beth Johnson Park in Orlando to 'Unite Against the War On Women.' 

I can sum up this march, and all feminist protests in three words:

Women kick ass.

I'd been privy to the event for months before, reading and posting on my march's Facebook and just generally having great conversation with the future attendees. But until yesterday, I had never actually felt such a powerful sense of unity and solidarity with my fellow sisters. Young and old, veteran protester and those curious with both passion and fervor for the cause, we all came out. 

It was one of those atmospheres in life that I can honestly say had no judgement. We were women (and men!) fighting for the right side of history. I was expecting to take a hundred pictures, but got so caught up in the festivities that I only snapped around 40. Here are my favorites.

When someone says there's no 'War On Women', don't believe them. I met women who had been raped, abused, and put through hell because of terrible and ridiculous mandates mainly legislated by conservative men in Washington. This isn't propaganda. Not for them.

But I also met women and read signs and listened to stories that gave me hope. Hope in the women who were alerted to breast cancer because of screenings by Planned Parenthood. Hope that all children should be wanted, and that all mothers be willing. Hope that we're stronger than ever in fighting these issues in 2012, making due progress and raising hell against those trying to drag us back a century.  We will never again be treated as second class citizens. 

The most important thing that I learned yesterday? Out of all the stories, the heartache, the blood, sweat and tears?

You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us.


P.S. My signs, for anyone interested.

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anenomie said...

this is so great!i love to see lots of people supporting women's rights!xo

Chelsea Nicole. said...

Loooove to feel all the love and support from the feminist community all over the world. xx